BBC Programme - Anything to Declare

We did the research of the Masonic Membership Lists, and advised on the Breach of a Statutory Instrument, that requires councillors to declare an interest of Freemasonry, this is the national code of Local Government Conduct, This, Mr Blairs Government has now changed, dropping the word, FREEMASONRY. However at the time it has Statutory Force, and any Criminal Offence of misconduct in Public Office Could still be Prosecuted. We exposed certain Dorset Councillors who did not withdraw, and in fact voted through planning applications of Property Developers in their own Lodge.

We gave a complete Prima facie case prepared on this to Chief Constable Jane Stitchbury on the 04th July 2000, along with a copy of the national code of local government conduct that was a Statutory Instrument in force at the time. We also handed her a video of the BBC Program showing one councillor voting through a planning application for one of the developers in his own lodge, without declaring an interest or abstaining from voting. The documentary video carried prosecution proof evidence of the breech of the National Code of Local Government Conduct.

If you breech a code of conduct it amounts to misconduct. The Prima facie case prepared for us stated that the the councillors in question had committed the common law criminal offence of misconduct in public office. Chief Constable Stitchbury took no action with these masonic councillors, who did not declare an interest or abstain from voting, knowing full well that they were required to do so under the National Code of Local Government Conduct. It was knowing that they were embarking on a course of conduct that would breech this statutory instrument that made this a criminal offence, however the Snakes in Dorset Police, Dorset Police Authority and the various elected members have been hissing in the same masonic pit for a long time.

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