This man is the Chairman of the Lord Chancellors Commitee on Justices of Peace for Dorset, which appoints the Dorset Magistrates. Click Here To View.

Mr Coulter was requested by Dorset Victims to take the matter up with this commitee as to the un-healthy amount of Magistrates that are Masons. We have evidence that most of them belong to 2 main lodges, 3366 and 137, Dorsets Oldest Lodge. Furthermore Councillors, Police Men and Council Officers belong to these Lodges, all under a Masonic oath to Build a Column of Defence and to Protect and Defend a Brother Mason at ALL Costs. As such the impartiallity of the bench is comprimised by any Masonic oath taken.
As the Captain did not appear in any Dorset Membership, dispite being resident in Dorset Mr Coulter was unaware that he was in fact one of the most Senior Masons in the UK at the time when Mr Coulter wrote to him on behalf of the Dorset Victims. This was on 19th December 2001, The Captain Did Not Respond, so he wrote again on the 4th February 2002, the Captain Did Not Respond. Click Here To See The Letter.

We later found him regestered in a Grand Lodge of England Book that came into our possetion. To see his Masonic Credentials Click Here.

The Captain is also the Lord Lieutenant of Dorset.
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